Laser therapy is one of the most successful ways to quit smoking. It is a modern form of acupuncture with scientifically proven results. No needles are used, but a painless soft laser.

The treatment starts with an intake interview in which we inquire about your smoking history and health. This is followed by the laser treatment and in the final phase we take extensive time to inform you and prepare for a future without cigarettes. The total duration of treatment is about 1 hour. 
LaserVitalis pays extra attention to the metabolism to minimize any weight gain. A completely safe, painless and especially effective method.

A large number of acupuncture points are treated quickly, professionally and painlessly with the laser. The result is that the physical addiction, the need for nicotine, disappears, even with the most hardened smoker. Treatment is also aimed at limiting withdrawal symptoms that may occur.
By restoring the balance in your body, the laser energy ensures that the nervousness and irritability are manageable.