Welcome to LaserVitalis

The anti-smoking therapy with a success rate of 94%.
Since 2001 we have been specialized in acupuncture treatment trough a soft laser that reduces nicotine addiction to a minimum.
In addition, you will be treated personally and with all due care to overcome the years of habit of smoking.
We concentrate on your smoking behavior in a special relax atmosphere.
Even the heaviest smokers have success with our therapy and they again enjoy a smoke-free and healthy life.

The Lasertherapy

Our own uniquely developed method is safe. By using the latest laser equipment instead of acupuncture needles, we treat a multiple of the acupuncture points on your body. These concentrate on the meridian points and the ends of the energy tracks. This reduces the need for nicotine and appetite and also it gives a relaxed feeling.

22 years experience      2001 - 2023